If you are the owner of the Amazon Echo dot smart speaker with Alexa then congratulations as your new device is a gateway to a world of smart home automation. This voice-controlled and hands-free speaker can do so much more than meets the eye. Amazon echo dot device enabled with Alexa can respond to voice commands, read the audiobooks, report the weather, play the music and many more. 

If you are stuck during the Echo dot setup or need help figuring out the basics then this is where our Amazon Alexa setup guide comes in. Alexa has a simple premise- you can ask her the questions or command her to control the devices in your home. Alexa will then get you the information you need. 

Once you have unboxed your Amazon Echo dot device, you can open this page and in just a few minutes you will be enjoying everything the Alexa has to offer.  You will know everything you need started with your Alexa app for echo dot setup. We will also cover some of the common echo dot setup problems. 

Get everything you need

For the Amazon Alexa setup process, you, of course, need an Echo device and the power adapter that came along with it. You will need a standard USB cable for powering the echo device. Then, you will need a Smartphone or tablet (iOS or Android) to install the Alexa app. 

Grab the Alexa app for echo dot setup

Since your Echo dot device doesn’t have a screen, you will need the Alexa app for echo dot setup. Install the Alexa app for your device from your Smartphone. The Amazon Alexa app is available for both iOS and Android.

Note: You can use the Alexa web portal in case, you don’t have a Smartphone. 

Open the Alexa app and create a new account if you don’t already have Amazon account. 

Plug in the Amazon Echo dot device

Echo dot doesn’t require any batteries so simply plug the included power adapter into the echo dot device and then plug it into the power outlet. Once the power is connected to the echo dot device, the light ring will turn to blue. Then, wait for the light ring to turn into ‘orange’. You will hear Alexa’s voice telling you that the device is ready to set up. 

Open the app to connect the echo dot to the Wi-Fi

Next, for the Amazon Alexa setup, open the Alexa app downloaded on your tablet or Smartphone and go to the ‘Settings’ for the setup stage.  To connect to your home network, search through the available devices and select your Amazon device. You need to add your Echo dot device to your Wi-Fi device. You are required to tap on the name of the network and then enter the password. As soon as you click on ‘Connect’ your Echo device will go online.

Start talking to Alexa

After using Alexa app for Echo dot setup, you can start using your Amazon Alexa device. By default the wake-up word for your Amazon echo dot device is ‘Alexa’ but maybe there’s already a human ‘Alexa’ in your home and you might want to change the wake word to something else. 

To change the default wake up word, you need to go to the settings from the main menu of Amazon Alexa app. Now, tap on the ‘Echo’ and scroll down to ‘Wake Word’. You can select from the four given options: Alexa (default), ‘Echo’, ‘Amazon’, and ‘Computer’. 

You’re all set to use your Echo dot device

Congratulations your Amazon Alexa setup is now completed and is ready to start running errands for you. You can conduct a basic test to test if everything is working fine. Try saying your wake word followed by ‘Hello’. If everything is working fine then your Alexa will respond back ‘Hello’. 

If you are facing Echo dot setup problems, don’t worry. Try giving your Echo dot device a factory reset. While the device is switched on, press the, ’Reset’ button with the help of a sharp object until the LED light color changes. 

Troubleshooting Echo dot setup problems 

Now that you know everything how to use Alexa app for echo dot setup, let’s discuss some of the common issues which you might face with your Echo dot device. 

Note: Just as rebooting the computer can solve lots of issues, the first troubleshooting step you should always take to solve echo dot setup problems is rebooting is. 

Let’s proceed to some of the other common problems which you might face with your Echo dot device. 

Alexa can’t hear you

If your Alexa can’t hear you, then you can try moving your Echo dot device away from any obstructions, try to move it at least 8 inches away from any wall. 

Wi-Fi connection problems

If your Echo dot device is facing Wi-Fi connection problems then you can try power cycle your dot device, router, and modem.

Also, try moving your echo device closer to your router. Keep it away from all the devices which might cause interference. 

Alexa often misunderstands you

If your Alexa isn’t hearing you right then you can run through the voice training. Open your Amazon Alexa app; go to ‘Settings’ and then ‘Voice Training’. Your Amazon device will now ask you to speak 25 phrases from a certain distance which will train the device to understand better how you speak. 

This was a complete guide to Amazon Alexa setup and troubleshooting Echo dot setup problems. If you still have any more queries related to how to use Alexa app for Echo dot setup or any topic related to Echo dot device then you can simply get in touch with our experts and get effective and efficient tips from them.  You can call them on the toll-free number or do a live chat to get connected with them.