Amazon Echo Device Troubleshooting

In this blog, we will provide you with information related to the Amazon Echo device. If you facing troubles with your Amazon echo device, we will try to explain how to troubleshoot issues with Amazon alexa device in this blog. By the end of this blog, you will discover some quick and simple ways to perform Amazon Alexa troubleshooting and get your Echo back to proper working order fast.

The Amazon Echo and Echo dot devices are quite impressive and save the hassle of having to whip out a phone in order to change the color of smart lights or the temperature settings. You can control the little gadgets in your home and keep everyone entertained at the same time. Now, let’s talk about how to troubleshoot issues with Amazon alexa device?

How to troubleshoot issues with Amazon alexa device?

Here are common errors that a user might face with echo device and amazon alexa troubleshooting tips:

The Wi-Fi connection is non-existent or inconsistent

The Wi-Fi connectivity of Echo device is indicated by the power LED on the bottom of the device, with white meaning good connection and orange meaning no connectivity. Here’s what to do if you are you’re experiencing no connectivity with the echo device.

  • First, try rebooting everything- modem, router and echo device.
  • If that doesn’t work, reposition your echo device away from other devices that may be interfering the signal.
  • Move your echo device to higher positions like the bookshelves to avoid interference of signal.  

Alexa won’t understand you

It can be a really frustrating moment when you have to repeat a phrase many times and still Alexa won’t understand you. However, Alexa/echo’s voice recognition naturally improves with time as it gets to know you better. But there are ways to avoid repeating yourself. Start by using the voice training tool, move to settings then voice settings in the Alexa device. There you will be asked to repeat the 25 preset phrases to help Alexa to learn your language.

Alexa unable to find a new device

If you are trying a new home smart home device but your Amazon device is not able to detect it, try these troubleshooting tips.

  • Setup the device on your wifi network with the help of an app which is provided by the manufacturer.
  • Go to to complete the setup.
  • Disable and enable the skill for your home devices in the Alexa app.
  • Use the ‘Disable’ option to disconnect smart home device.
  • Enable the smart device again.
  • Say loud, ‘Alexa, discover my device’ in order to try to find the new smart home device again.

Notifications are too loud

You might have noticed that when time or alarm goes off, the sound is much louder and this is because the timer and alarm volume is controlled separately within the Alexa app.

To set the timer, notification and alarm sound, open the Alexa app on your Smartphone and go to Settings > (device name) > sounds and change the volume to the level you want.

If it all fails

When everything else fails, you can reset your Amazon echo device back to its factory default settings. To reset the device, press the ‘Reset’ button on the base of your echo device with a paper clip. Wait while the LED turn into orange and then blue. Wait for the light ring to turn back and then turn on again within a few seconds. Now, you can connect your Echo device to the Wi-Fi network and register your account with Alexa app once again.

These were some of Amazon Alexa troubleshooting tips. If you want to know more about how to troubleshoot issues with Amazon echo device, get connected with our support team. You can get in touch with our team via their toll-free number or you can also mail them to know about detailed Amazon alexa troubleshooting.